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The Ultime Beard + Hair Grooming Kit

Everything you need for the ultimate hair and beard day. Our complete daily grooming kit includes our entire product line in your favorite scent. This kit includes: Beard + Hair Wash, Hair Putty, Styling Pomade, Beard Oil, All-in-one Balm and Beard Butter  - everything you need for an easy, daily, hair and beard routine. 

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The Beard Bundle

This kit has everything you need to maintain a lush beard. The Beard Bundle includes Northmen Beard Co’s signature Beard + Hair Wash, Beard Balm, Beard Butter, and Beard Oil - everything you need for an easy, everyday hair routine and all in your favorite scents.

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The Beard Care Starter Kit

Get the basics you need to start growing an awesome beard. This kit includes matching Beard Oil and All-in-one Beard Balm. From moisturizing to styling, these products will keep your beard soft, healthy, and smelling amazing while keeping your skin moisturized. Help ease the first time grower's itch so you can keep on growing. 

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At Northmen Beard Company, we know that your beard is uniquely yours. The products that work for someone else's beard may not work for your beard. Our Never Without Northmen subscription allows you to build a subscription that is completely customized to your beard's needs. Choose the products that are right for your beard length, texture, and style. Choose from a variety of scents ranging from classic Vanilla Bourbon to exquisite Cherry Wave. We've created a carefully curated collection of beard care products that are hand made from all-natural ingredients.

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Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Not every product is meant for every beard so we won't add unecessary products to your subscription. YOU choose which products are best for YOUR beard.

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Some of us use our beard products faster or slower than others. Unlike other companies, we believe you should get YOUR products when YOU are ready, not when we want more money. You control how often you get your products and how often you pay for them.

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Once you've built the perfect lineup for your beard, just checkout from your cart. You'll get everything you need to keep your beard looking great and healthy.

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Build Your Subscription Using Only the Products You Need

Beard Butter

The perfect option to manage beard itch. This all-natural beard conditioner works to soften, hydrate and moisturize both your beard and skin underneath. The natural buttery smoothness of mango butter absorbs into the beard hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

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Beard Oil

Our beard oil is specially formulated to hydrate your skin. Unlike other beard oils which target the hair itself, our game-changing oil targets the hair follicles, resulting in significantly softer skin and hair growth.

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Beard Balm

Designed to contain all the softening benefits of our popular Beard Oil but in a balm form that allows for controlled styling. Made with all-natural organic ingredients. It can also be used to help dry, cracked skin. 

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Hair Putty

Shape and style your hair or ‘stache to your heart's content. The strength of natural bee's wax provides a medium hold perfect for all day styling. It never feels greasy in your hair, and it smells great! 

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Beard and Hair Wash

No more itchy, scratchy, and uncomfortable beards. Formulated with all-natural ingredients and no harsh cleaners. This wash penetrates and moisturizes your skin and hair. Gentle foaming suds work to dislodge dirt, grease, and bacteria while softening and moisturizing. Also a great shampoo for the hair on your head. 

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Styling Pomade

Designed for beard and hair styles that require a strong and heavy hold all day long. The satin-soft pomade allows you to get the natural look you want without the dry crunch from other pomades.

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