About Us

Our Story

    Northmen Beard Company started out as a hobby of one of our founders, Michael Gagner. Michael or Mikey, as his friends call him, was not always able to grow a beard because he was serving his country as a US Army National Guardsmen. He served one tour in Iraq, as well as helping with the relief and rebuilding effort in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. After he finished his term of service, he finally had a chance to grow his man mane, but Mikey had another obstacle on his beard growth journey.  

   The obstacle Mikey encountered was his wife’s hatred of rough beards. She met Mikey when he was clean shaven, and wanted to keep him that way. But after seeing his desire to grow out his hearty hedge, she made a condition, "if you can make your beard softer, you can keep it", and away he went researching and experimenting to formulate the best beard oil to make that happen. Mikey accomplished his goal! The end result was a softer and healthier beard that looked and smelled great. 

   After creating these beard recipes two of Mikey's bearded brothers noticed the improvement in Mikey’s beard, and wanted to know his secret. So Mikey shared some of his product with them and encouraged them to, “let it grow brother, let it grow." After some time Mikey’s wife and some of her friends were so impressed with the product, they rallied Mikey to start a company. And just like that Mikey's beard oil hobby turned into Northmen Beard Company.

   Mikey knew from the beginning of the company that it was important that any product he sold he wanted to be organic, but not just for the sake of being organic. Mikey saw that other beard products were filled with chemicals and additives. Mikey wanted to do things differently. He believed it is of the utmost importance to know what you are applying on your face, skin, and hair. Which is the reason all of our products are all natural and hand made.

   All of us at Northmen Beard Company are excited that you have taken an interest in us and our products. We look forward to getting to know you and helping along the way in your beard growing journey. In the words of our founders, “fight the tyranny brother, let it grow!"