With respect of Northmen Beard Company subscriptions subject to automatic renewal, you agree that once you have expressly agreed for your credit card to be charged on a recurring basis, and agreed to the amount of the recurring charges, Northmen Beard Company may submit periodic charges (e.g., monthly) to your chosen payment method without further authorization from you, until you provide prior notice at any time that you wish to terminate this authorization or to change your payment method. You agree that such notice will not affect charges submitted before Northmen Beard Comapany reasonably could act. Information on how to cancel is described below.

Automatic Monthly Renewal Terms

Your subscription will be automatically renewed for successive monthly periods (depending or your subscription preference) and your payment method will automatically be charged for each successive monthly period at the then-current subscription rate until you cancel your Month-to-Month Rebillable Subscription renewal.

Once your subscription is started, we require your to stay for 3 consecutive payments minimum giving you a nice discount for signing up to being with. This percentage also follows in your reoccurring charges while you are subscribed. 

Cancellation Policy For Month-to-Month Rebillable Subscription Renewals

To cancel your Month-to-Month Rebillable Subscription at any time after your required 3rd payment, you may (i) logon to your account and follow the cancellation procedures there, (ii) send us a message at northmenbeardcompany@gmail.com and we will help you cancel. If you cancel, you will not be rebilled during your next monthly billing cycle.