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Never Tested on Animals

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All natural ingredients

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All Natural mens grooming products

made by REAL TOUGH men with REAL SOFT beards

Our all-natural beard grooming and hair care products are crafted in the pursuit of helping men keep on growing while having our ladies comfort in mind. Our products confidently keep your beard soft, styled and smelling sexy.

Our mission is to guarantee that no beard every comes between you and your better half.

Are you smelling muddled?

Stay Scent Consistent

Different people have their own ideas about how to smell great, but if we’re being honest, there is only one foolproof way to do it, and that is using the same fragrance throughout your daily beard and hair care routine.

Using a mixture of fragrances can cancel each other out and confuse those who catch a whiff of your scent... you may smell worse than when you started.

We’ve worked hard at Northmen Beard Co to formulate a full line of products for your beard and hair in five amazing fragrances to help keep you "scent consistent" and smelling fine!

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Real Reviews

Real Honest

Real Results

The Softness of a womens Love

made with The strength of nature

When it comes to our products, we are meticulous about the ingredients we use. We use all natural and organic products and keep it simple... you won't find a glossery page here of 100+ ingredients we can't pronounce like our competitors. We’re 100% transparent about ALL the ingredients we use, which is why we’ve detailed every single one in every product's details.



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