What I have noticed

Posted by Michael Gagner on

Over that last three years of face to face sales I have seen the constant majority of customers that have purchased and continue to purchase are married or in long term relationships, have a fondness of redneck like activities, they care about their lady's thoughts on the beard and the beard softness, they enjoy a great innuendo / joke, are relaxed and continue to care and manage their beards.

It is never a bad thing to care about how our loved see ours beards and making sure the beard is soft is never a bad thing. Looking good is not a city boy thing its a man thing.Having your beard looking good while your working on an engine, building a cabinet or out having a beer at the bar shows those around you are confident and secure.

So if you are feeling like taking care of your beard is city boy thing it ain't. If you are looking for a softer beard keep in mind you get what pay for. Its just like if you buy a cheap tool you will get a cheap result if you buy a premium tool you have tool that works and is dependable for years to come.

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